Bilingual Teacher Garcia, Marissa

ScienceHello my name is Mrs. Garcia and I a Bilingual Teacher/ Interventionist at Zavala Elementary.  It brings me great pleasure to work with students primarily in grades 3rd -  5th grade in the areas of reading, math and writing.  During my classes, students will engage in meaningful and exciting  lessons that are targeted and aligned to their appropriate learning needs.  Grade appropriate with a focus to the states’ TEKS. Through the course of the year it is my GOAL to instill the love for math, reading and writing and trigger curiosity for the understanding for the world around us.

This year marks my 14th year as an educator.  I began my teaching career at Hart Elementary as a 4th grade teacher for 8 years and have been a science coach for 4 years and 2 years as a bilingual interventionist teacher.